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There once was a great advertising logo that read: “you can rest when you’re dead”, meaning that there is no rest for those who are total extreme sport enthusiasts. While we don’t endorse any sport that lead to near death or loss of life, the extreme nature of adventure sports is unpredictable as it is exciting. Our dedicated crew here- cover all the angles, action and accidents that wake up the sleep monster in all of us. To give you an idea who does what, we proudly present our Sleep Monster team.

Derrick Nelson aka The Tumbler

It’s no surprise that some guys on my team notice how I would take a fall and compared me to that crazy Batmobile. The name stuck since I could always land upright! I guess that what it takes to be at the head of this team. I plan and help co-ordinate everything for this site before it gets posted, so be sure that everything you read here is up to date and truly adventure-filled.

Sarah Stock aka Kettle-Belle

You might say I’m part beauty and one-part beast. Over the years I’ve entered plenty of beauty pageants but soon found that it wasn’t enough. Working out simply became part of the routine and Voila- the scent of adventure sport hit me like a ton of bricks! My active research into women within the adventure sport realm is my top priority, so look for great articles detailing how real women do it!

Kirk Hartman aka Spruce Goose

When I first discovered adventure sport and started getting into shape- they used to say that Howard Hughes himself would be proud to get me into the air. I was pretty embarrassed, but I did prove them wrong and the nickname was born. Since then, I know that anything is possible despite what others may say. I focus on the cross-over sports that are still considered too extreme for adventure sports.

Bryan Romero aka Green Machine

I used to be a dedicated vegan for years and found that exercise and adventure sport are two separate things. The energy needed to obtain real physical strength helped me to switch back to a rounded diet, hence my cryptic sounding handle. I report on the latest evidence of healthy diets over what has become more than just a fad. I also contribute articles on major adventure sporting events worldwide.

As much as we make sure that we’ve covered the subjects across the board, we admit there is always something new that we might have missed. Feel free to let us know what’s missing or tell us about what’s emerging in adventure sports these days. Cross-overs and new variations are all welcome here.

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